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Description: Ticketless is a playful tribute to Canabalt, just to have a high-speed laugh. The ticket inspector is on your heels because you don't have a valid ticket, so you have to run!! Jump, slide under and bump obstacles to avoid getting fined, and see how far can you go to avoid getting a fine... the number of coaches you run through is your score. There's three level of difficulty, but they are not only differ for the speed of the run. See the controls for explanation.
Instructions: The game has 3 difficulty settings. The character will run automatically, but to avoid obstacles you have to use the appropriate move. - On Easy, use A to jump over small purses on the floor. - On Medium, use A to jump and S to break through solid obstacles like doors with a hard shove. - On Hard, use A to jump, S to shove, and D to slide under the legs of other ticket-inspectors.